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We connect your people, deliver concise analytics and in-depth insight to enable real-time decision making, accuracy and cost saving.

On desktop and mobile.

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Event Day Management

Pre-populated templates to build and manage your events more efficiently than ever before. Assign suppliers to work in seconds, auto-confirm and fill your internal jobs. Simple and powerful search across the system.

Eventbuilder Gameplan
Manage Roles and rates
Supplier Management
Manage shifts
Internal Staff Management
Live Event Management
Controlled Check In


Build and manage your own events.

Roles & Rates

Create, manage and assign roles & rates. Individually adjustable per venue site, location or event.

Supplier Management

Manage, communicate and analyse your suppliers and share open shifts for chosen events.


Create shifts and assign them to your suppliers.

Internal Staff Management

Internal staff can apply and book themselves for shifts they are suited for.

Live Event Management

Control everything from managing over communication and overview analytics. Reallocate workers if needed.

Controlled Check In

Manage and overview the workforce check-in process and always stay up to date. Use digital time stamps to prevent time theft and use them for your integrated payroll software.

Job Fulfilment

Allocate workers across your company at multiple sites using our sharing functionality. Achieve real on-the-job consistency through predictive learning on your worker’s preferences. Use our staff swapping feature to rapidly deal with staff shortages and changes on event day.


Strengthen communication with your team and your suppliers by deploying our manager and staff iOS and Android apps.

The Gameplan system allows you to communicate instantly and simultaneously with 1 or 100s of suppliers and thousands of workers. Pop-up notifications so that you never miss a conversation.

Better manage inquiries and review and complete worklists to ensure you are always on top of event day discrepancies.

Event Management Mobile Communication

Go Mobile

Our mobile workforce management solution can help you and your team to run your business better – anytime, anywhere.

Next to our desktop app we offer iOS & Android apps with different interfaces for the different levels of staff.

The access to the app is by invitation only.

Access Control & Security

Live access control lists help security to ensure the right workers are cleared for attendance quickly and safely. Instant updates mean that everyone onsite can always be accounted for.

Reduce transit time into your event venue. End those long queues. No paperwork, no information lags, no job cards needed.

Time & Attendance

Empower your managers to handle staff check-in effectively using leading mobile technology. Save your team thousands of hours with real-time, digital timesheeting and our paperless system.

All critical actions on the platform are time-stamped, meaning time theft and many other risks are mitigated.

Improve attendance and reduce staff churn with robust workforce engagement through our dedicated worker app.


Better predict your ongoing supplier requirements using the comprehensive suite of behavioural data provided on Gameplan.

Forecast your future needs, analyse trends in your delivery and make informed decisions around how you balance the needs of your organisation. Powerful data at your fingertips.


Access to Gameplan is by invitation only. Request your access today.

Hear from us within 24 hours.


Here is a list of questions you might have for us. 
If you cannot find an answer to your question, please fell free to contact us directly.

What is Gameplan and who is it for?

Gameplan is a fully integrated workforce management solution. Our team management software helps our clients to collaborate better with their internal staff (employees), external staff (agency workers) and suppliers (agencies).

We help you to do everything from raising and managing big or small events, communicating with workers, tracking time and attendance, monitoring real-time changes and enabling powerful reporting….and much more!

How is Gameplan different to current software solutions?
Gameplan is one of a few fully integrated workforce management systems especially designed for the hospitality sector. If you want to plan events and manage internal and external workforces simultaneously and entirely as it can be done with Gameplan, you would need to cobble together multiple systems to get some of Gameplan's features.
How many suppliers & workers can I manage?
Our team management software has no limitations in terms of the number of suppliers and workers that can be managed. Either way we help leveraging resources and up your game.
Is Gameplan good for staffing agencies that supply to us?

Yes! Gameplan was built to add value for all users including your agency partners. Our platform benefits agencies in 3 specific ways:

1. Accuracy - digital records of every movement on the Gameplan system gives supply partners confidence they are paid correctly and client users peace of mind that they are not overpaying.
2. Admin - the platform substantially reduces administrative work for agency partners
3. Opportunity - preferred agency partners gain access to a broader client base which helps them grow their business

Can I share workforces across multiple sites?

You have 2 choices. Either empower your managers and onsite teams to manage check-ins through their manager apps or let workers self-check-in and out with the assurance that our geofencing technology will ensure accuracy.

Can Gameplan improve my workforce consistency?

You bet we can. The Gameplan technology recognises where staff are best suited to work as well as where they have previously worked and ensures they are channelled toward those shifts accordingly. We furthermore work on integrations with technology leaders in the future of work space to face current and arising challenges. Stay tuned!

Can you streamline our commmunications?
Yes, we can. The Gameplan system pushes information to all of the users every time a change or update has been made. Workers and suppliers receive in-app notification and emails for every action instantly.
Our company's reporting sucks. Can you help?
Of course, we can! We work with you to build your personalised dashboard and set up neat reports on pretty much anything you’d like information on. As long as we have the data in the system we can build your report. Forecasting, comparisons, trends and predicting is all done here.
Does Gameplan help me to reduce my costs?

Yes. We help you to find the optimal workforce state for your business. For example, if you want to be 80% employees and 20% agency, we’ll get you there. Conversely if your business prefers to reduce employee headcount and outsource more to agency we can facilitate that too.

Along the way, we improve a whole load of metrics for you. Here’s just a few:

Along the way, we improve a whole load of metrics for you. Here’s just a few:

• Reduced time theft

• Reduced inaccuracy and overpayment

• Decreased recruitment costs and churn

• Reduced security risk and improved compliance

• Decreased manual tasks and admin burden

• Improved communication

• Increased work speed

• Streamlined planning

• Improved forecasting and business decisions

• And most importantly….improved morale in everyone!

How do you charge?

Our customers told us they liked simplicity and scalability so we gave them that. We charge a small percentage of total hours billed through the system (we call it *throughput*).

There are no setup or maintenance costs, you don’t pay more for additional features and modules and we provide 100% free support.

One simple and risk-fcost that scales up or down depending on how much you choose to use the product. That’s fair right?

Do I need to print anything?

No. Gameplan is a paperless system - concise, digital and better for the environment.

Can you improve security at my site?

Absolutely. We have a number of cool features that help you mitigate security risk such as our live access control portal.

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