The challenge of managing multiple staffing agencies

Multiple staffing agencies

Staffing agencies are trusted to work alongside your organization to achieve a consistent flow of on-demand staff to help when times get tough. Millions of temporary (or contingent) staff are assigned to companies each week. Gartner identifies increased use of contingent workers as one of the main trends that will impact the future of work following the Covid-19 pandemic. This is due to cost-saving measures and additional workforce management flexibility.
The current challenges of working with multiple agencies result in stressful work environments and ultimately, jobs slipping through the cracks. So the question is: what are the best practices when it comes to managing numerous external workforces?

Integrate your processes
A workforce management solution that empowers you to manage your internal staff and external agencies allows you too quickly see gaps in the schedule, predict your future needs, and stay on top of last-minute changes. Query management results in hours of lost productivity, funnelling them through a single source of reference will ensure a smoother delivery and a better outcome. 
You can quickly push a job out to your preferred agencies and get a notification when it’s filled. Streamlining this process allows you to focus on the present and leaves the job filling to the experts.

Communication is key
These days communication can be as quick as picking up the phone or sending an email. However, the time spent doing these tasks are not as brief as we once thought. Reaching out to all of your suppliers for a last-minute substitute when you are already busy is not an ideal situation and is stressful for both parties.
It is also not uncommon for emails ‘to get lost in your inbox,’ or so they say. With a broken paper trail and no callbacks, the job is left unfilled, and the rest of the team suffers. Consolidating these forms of communication can not only ease the time spent on basic operations but can also save time in the future doing the administrative work. Automated processes that timestamp changes, has added flexibility, and updates all parties establish a consistent line of communication.

Recognize that not all staffing agencies are created equal
Ask for recommendations. Focus on what area or industry you are working in and identify agencies that specialize in these fields. Creating relationships with the reps and staff members allows for a more trusting relationship and a better overall experience. Make these your preferred agencies and use them frequently. Once you get into a good rhythm, it will be like you are one big team.

Your team deserves the best, so why not give it to them? The ability to track which supplier is the most reliable in the long run allows you to cut back on time spent working with others. Calculating which supplier has the most no-shows or where you spend the most money will increase transparency and help you work towards a trusting partnership.

Keep the best of them
Every once in a while, you come across that perfect person who perfectly fits in with your team. In an ideal world, they would be part of your permanent staff. These conversations can be awkward with agencies, so having a policy laid out beforehand makes things easier when it comes to onboarding your newest staff member. Allowing for a flexible system that updates you on your favourite hires and has a simple onboarding process keeps everyone happy. 

Ensure that you work with your staffing agency in these situations so that it does not feel like they are left behind. Again, an open line of communication will only help!

Final Thoughts
It’s basic stuff, really: When you’re working with multiple agencies, consistent communication, shared metrics, and integrated processes will bring any number of people together to make your company’s dream team. These practices will sometimes take more time and effort, but with a little patience, your workforce will be able to address their temporary staffing needs and avoid any unpleasant bumps along the way.

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